I have two more industry guests to introduce. Technically Peter Vaughan is a sponsor and not an industry guest, but because he is such a nice guy I'm counting him as both. :-)

Peter Vaughan has been messing with game rules ever since family game nights included moveable bombs in Stratego and one allowable lie in Clue. He is the designer of What the Food?!, and developer of SJ protospiel tested Letter Tycoon and Boomtown Bandits. He is founder of Squirmy Beast Games, editor of the League of Gamemakers blog, and recently appointed director of development for Breaking Games.

Breaking Games, founded by Shari Spiro, is a publisher of strategy, family and party games that believes in putting designers first, and is at the core about getting indie games made and played! Breaking Games is associated with Print & Play Productions, both part of parent company Ad Magic.


Next up, is another industry veteran who is beloved by game designers across the USA, Andrew Tullsen.


tarting the company Print and Play Productions at age 16 from his bedroom, Andrew Tullsen is now the regional manager of the Print and Play Division owned by AdMagic. 

Print & Play is know for their custom work in board game prototyping. They offer boards, boxes, bits and more. Cards come in standard and custom sizes. Their support team works closely with customers to ensure satisfactory products. Print and Play strives for quality, consistency, and fast delivery with every order. 

Currently, Andrew is working to publish his first game Flick Wars.

I (Jeremy Commandeur) have personally ordered prototype materials from Print and Play ( several times. It is a great service that I value greatly.