I'm proud to announce our major sponsor for Protospiel San Jose, Hasbro Gaming Lab! Hasbro is sponsoring Protospiel in an effort to reach out to the indie board game design community and to encourage game designers to enter their Next Great Game Challenge.

Hasbro wants to see your game idea and is offering $25,000 to the game submission they judge to be the best. Five additional finalists will be awarded $2,000 to help them launch their game via Indiegogo.


Key details:

- All submissions must be made via the Hasbro Game Lab website by May 15th. The submission process is on Hasbro's website, NOT at Protospiel.

- Hasbro is looking for games that are "enjoyable for families and casual gamers as well as exciting for long-time enthusiasts."

- Hasbro will pick 15 submissions as finalists on May 27th. The 15 finalists will then be asked to send Hasbro a physical prototype by June 24th.

Find the full details and the terms and conditions for the contest here:

This contest is a great opportunity for game designers. Hasbro Gaming Lab is funding Protospiel San Jose and sending a representative to Protospiel to engage our community.  Lets thank Hasbro by sending them lots of great game ideas.


Game Design Improv Contest

If you don't yet have a game idea to send into the Hasbro Game Lab contest next month, or if you have never designed a game before, or if you want to have lots of fun playing with lots of cool board game bits, the annual Protospiel San Jose Improv Game Design contest is for you!


Sunday, April 16th at 11 AM.


Designing games is difficult.  Too many mechanics here, too few options there...  Designing games is almost a game.  Here, it definitely is!  The third annual game design contest at Protospiel San Jose will pit you and 1-3 of your friends against 9 other teams, as you struggle to make the best game possible in 60 fleeting minutes.  Each player will get a bag of components, and put together a prototype to pitch to a panel of judges.  Players will be judged on adherence to the theme, originality, and mechanics.

Anyone is welcome to participate, but you must sign up in advance (at the welcome table), as kits are limited.  The best game will be awarded a certificate of success and eternal glory!

Thanks to Kellen Snook to organizing the improv contest this year. I asked Kellen to send me a teaser image for the game design kits given to each team. He sent me the following image. It looks like a hilarious combination of crazy board game bits.

These are the bits for the game design contest kits. 

These are the bits for the game design contest kits.