1. Games you can get signed.
2. Saturday Designer Diner.
3. Tag Table Team Ups.

Game Kastle will have a special section of games by designers in attendance. You can buy a game and get it signed on the spot. Or bring your copy to get signed. 

Games and RPG you can get signed by Seth Johnson:
* Double Double Dominoes (Calliope Games)
* HeroClix (WizKids) -- From Seth: I didn't work on any of the recently-released
expansions, but I'm always happy to sign or talk about anything
players bring, whether it be new or old.
* Golem Arcana (HareBrained Schemes)
* DC Adventures RPG, Books 2-4 (Green Ronin Publishing)
* Mutants & Masterminds: 10th Anniversary Edition (Green Ronin Publishing)
* Mutants & Masterminds: Deluxe Heroes' Handbook (Green Ronin Publishing)
* Mutants & Masterminds: Emerald City Sourcebook (Green Ronin Publishing)
* Dragon Age Set 3 (Green Ronin Publishing)

Saturday Designer Diner (Optional)

Saturday night hang out with designers over diner and talk some shop.

Steins Beer House
895 Villa St
Mountain View, CA 94041

2.1 miles from Game Kastle

Saturday April 16, 9pm-12am (feel free to come at 10pm)

Seating is limited to the first 25 people to RSVP. You will need to pay your own check.
If you need a ride, you can ask for a ride share as part of your RSVP.

Please RSVP via this link:



Tag Table Requests

Please understand that we can not coordinate tag table schedules for 70+ designers. Its up to each individual to work out a schedule to share your table with your tag table partner. We suggest alternating the table between designers every three hours. However, you are free to share the table any way you wish.

Tag table assignments will post early next week. If you would like to request to share your table with a particular designer, that can be arranged. 

To request to be paired with a particular designer, please do the following:
I. Send an email to
II. Use the subject: Tag Table Partners
III. CC the designer you wish to share with.
IV. Include both of your names in the body of the email.

Subject: Tag Table Partners
Request from myself and Gabe Cohn, please put us on the same table.
Thanks! Candy Weber

Looking Forward

We have two more sponsors and two more industry guests to introduce. 
The improv game design contest is back this year. Details coming soon.
Designer badges are almost sold out.