Contact for 2019 Sponsorship Opportunities.

Protospiel San Jose is a not for profit event. It is focused on bringing the game designer and player communities together for an unforgettable 3 days of play testing. In 2018, the event's 5th year, we had 80+ designers and 700+ unique players. Sponsors and designers pay to keep the event free for players, creating a bigger and better event for everyone. 

Sponsorship is a fantastic opportunity to show your support for the gamer community and increase brand awareness. This event is excellent for extensive play testing from players and designers, discovering new games and mechanics, networking, and general promotion. Major sponsors will have a featured reserved table on the event floor with allowance for large signage, along with their branding featured on the event website and marketing materials.

This is a play testing event, so demoing retail copies, or selling already released products/Kickstarters, is not a good fit. Testing in-development expansions for existing games, testing nearly finished games that still need tweaking/balancing, giving away product as prizes to attendees, and handing out business cards and flyers are all acceptable, as is of course any play testing at any stage of development.


Available sponsorship opportunities:

PLATINUM SPONSOR ($500): 2 Platinum Sponsor Badges. Dedicated reserved table anywhere you want it. Ability to bring a large banner or sign to display at table. Name and logo on the website, online communications, and displayed at welcome/check-in table as our Platinum Sponsor. Free micro/small game of your choice for each badge holder. Unlimited high-fives from event organizer Jeremy Commandeur while on-site.

SPONSOR ($250): 2 Sponsor Badges. Dedicated reserved table at the end of an aisle. Ability to bring a large banner or sign to display at table. Name and logo on the website, online communications, and displayed at welcome/check-in table. Free micro/small game of your choice for each badge holder.

CUSTOM SPONSORSHIP (varies)A great option for companies and individuals that want to support the event, though either can't attend themselves or don't need a gaming table. Custom sponsorships can be in addition to any other sponsorship level, and are very flexible. Custom sponsorships might include providing food, board games or related products for raffle prizes (we may be able to pay the shipping), fancy lanyards, decor, gift cards or swag/goodie bags, or services such as event photography or a photo booth. Really anything that makes this event more enjoyable. Contact the event organizer Jeremy to see if your custom sponsorship would be a good fit for this event and what can be provided in return.

DONOR (varies): If you would prefer to help out on an individual level, there are many ways to do so. Bringing a new shrink-wrapped game for our raffle, registering as a staff volunteer, or making a financial contribution on-site or online are all greatly appreciated. Contact the event organizer Jeremy for more information on being a donor.



Breaking Games & Print and Play Productions -

Breaking Games is our featured sponsor for 2018. Breaking Games will be at the event testing upcoming releases. They have sponsored both the raffle and snacks.

Breaking Games, founded by Shari Spiro, is a publisher of strategy, family and party games that believes in putting designers first, and is at the core about getting indie games made and played! Breaking Games is associated with Print & Play Productions, both part of parent company AdMagic.

Print & Play is known for their custom work in board game prototyping. They offer boards, boxes, bits and more. Cards come in standard and custom sizes. Their support team works closely with customers to ensure satisfactory products. Print and Play strives for quality, consistency, and fast delivery with every order. (

Level99 Games -

Level 99 is sending copies of their deductive mystery game NOIR to Protospiel. The first 300+ attendees will get a copy of the game. With multiple ways to play, NOIR brings a lot of mystery fun with a game that fits in your pocket. Level99 is looking for more games that can be played with the NOIR deck. Here is your chance to design a new NOIR game.

Level 99 is a board and card game publisher with a focus on games that adapt and grow as you play them. They believe that gameplay exists in the space between discovery and mastery. To bring you that vision, they build games with nearly endless replayability and customization.

Impressions Game Distribution -

Impressions is a service company that handles the sales, shipping and warehousing for game publishers to hobby game distributors & wholesalers worldwide. They are the longest running consolidator in the hobby game industry.

Hyperbole Games -

Hyperbole is underwriting the raffle and VIP player level by providing discounted copies of Farmageddon. Farmageddon is a fantastic lightweight take that family game with some of the best game art of vegtables you will ever see. Grant Rodiek will be on site if you want to get your copy signed.

NOTE: VIP players may choose Farmageddon as their free game while supplies last.

Hyperbole Games was founded in the summer of 2014 to create small games with big experiences. They seek to craft beautiful games that are interactive, require skill, and feel fresh in a vast landscape of amazing titles. They also strive to provide excellent customer service.

Overworld Games -

Overworld is also underwriting the raffle and VIP player level by providing copies of their game Booze Barons. Booze Barons is a social deduction team that plays up to 9 players in about 30 minutes. The game is best with 5-7 players, and always features three secret teams.

NOTE: VIP players may choose Booze Barons as their free game while supplies last.

Overworld Games is a tabletop game publisher specializing in light strategy and social games that creates an experience for the players that transcends the rules of the game.

Mayday Games -

Mayday is providing raffle prizes for Protospiel San Jose. In addition, their developer Daniel Peterson will be on hand to help test games and offer his sage advice on how to make an awesome family game.

Mayday takes tabletop gaming seriously, because free time doesn’t come around nearly enough in life. They're proud of their original games, specialty play pieces, and custom card sleeves. With lightning mechanics, eye-catching art, and customer-driven content, Mayday Games is proud to present an all-new, old-fashioned game night.

Tabletop Network -

Tabletop Network is a conference for Boardgame designers.  It's a seminar-style conference, focused on collaboration and the sharing of institutional knowledge and best practices.  Presentations will be on specific design topics such as engagement, balance, emerging trends, etc, with evenings of networking and informal knowledge sharing. The goal is for every attendee to leave with new tools in their toolkit to help them design even better games.

June 8-9 2018 in Salt Lake City, UT

More details and speaker announcements are coming to their website soon.

Play2Mars -

Play2Mars is a Silicon Valley startup focused on creating game projects that entertain and enlighten about subjects that aren’t normally covered through traditional education systems. Using an entertainment-first mentality to build unique projects over concepts like strategy, entrepreneurship, or financial planning is what gets them excited.

Sunrise Tornado Game Studios -

Sunrise Tornado is providing a copies of their brand new game Kung Pao Chicken for VIP players and the raffle. Kung Pao Chicken is a 3 to 5 player 15 min social deduction party game that just funded on Kickstarter. Sunrise provided us advance copies. Be one of the first people in the world to get your hands on this hilarious brand new game!

NOTE: VIP players may choose Kung Pao Chicken as their free game while supplies last.

Cheapass Games -

Cheapass Games is providing a variety of their games for the raffle.

Cheapass Games is a small but mighty tabletop game publisher based out of Seattle, WA. They publish free, cheap, and deluxe games. You might know them best from titles such as KILL DOCTOR LUCKY, PAIRS, and TAK, or from their world-famous boss, renowned game designer James Ernest.

Indie Boards and Cards.png

Indie Boards and Cards -

Indie Boards and Cards is providing a large amount of game products for our raffle.

Indie Boards and Cards offers the hobby gaming market new and innovative themes, mechanics and concepts. They are best known for publishing The Resistance, and other unique games like Flash Point: Fire Rescue and Haggis.

Game Kastle Mountain View -

Game Kastle Mountain View is our location and venue sponsor!

Game Kastle's mission is to entertain their customers with their amazing variety of incredible products and to bring the exciting realms of imagination alive, all while providing exceptional customer service in a fun and family-friendly environment. Their store will be open during the event, so please feel free to check it out and buy some awesome stuff!