Teams of 2-4 designers will have an hour to come up with original games using design kits with surprise components! A panel of judges will then hear 3 minute pitches from each team before determining an official winner, who will be rewarded a spectacular certificate and eternal glory!

Everyone is welcome to participate, designers, players, or people who randomly wander in from the street. A sign up sheet will be available at the registration/badge table, where you can sign up as a team or a free agent to be assigned to a team.



Sunday the 26th

2pm - Teams are given a special design kit and have one hour to create an original game

3pm - Teams have 3 minutes to pitch the panel of judges

4pm - Winners are announced!


Special Thanks: 

Teale Fristoe is organizing the game design contest and will serve as the chief judge. Much thanks to Teale.

Special thanks to our game design contest sponsor Franklin Kenter for donating $150 to cover the cost of the kits. 

Additional thanks to Blue Panther (www.bluepantherllc.com) for donating their new product “Flat Dice”, which may or may not be in each design contest kit. "Flat Dice” are 6 sided "constructible" dice that can have any image color printed or engraved on them. The sides are reversible and interchangeable. They will be available this summer from Blue Panther.