Designer Badge Wait List

This update is aimed at designers. If you are a player, you can skip reading it. However, I wanted to send it to everybody as I know there were designers who backed for $1 to stay in touch.

Last year I had three designers cancel the week of the event. I know this year there are a lot more designers who wanted to get in than we had table space for. I’ve had a couple of cancelations, so I’m going to start a lottery wait list. 

If you would like to be on the wait list for a designer badge, email boardgamebuilders at gmail dot com with the subject Designer Wait List and your full name in the body of the email. I will then randomly select people from the wait list to get designer badges as cancelations happen. If you need to cancel as something has come up, please contact me so we can give another designer your spot.

I want to make it clear that our hard limit for designers is 40. That will not change. 


Would you like a Tag table? 

I has been suggested that I offer designers the option to have a Tag table. Tag tables worked well at Unpub 5.

What is a tag table? A tag table is a fixed table shared by two designers. If you opt in to having a tag table, I will pair you up with another designer and the two of you will have your own dedicated table for the weekend. We will put a sign on the table with the name of the two designers on it and take it out of the open table pool. 

This would give you a place to park your stuff, and leave your game set up while you get lunch, take a break or play another designer’s game. You can take turns with the designer you are sharing with, divide your shared table up into 2/4/6 hour blocks, run to games side by side or whatever else you would like. How you share your table is up to you.

If you have a Designer, or Staff Designer badge and would like to opt in for a dedicated Tag Table email boardgamebuilders at gmail dot com with the subject Tag Table Request by Sunday the 19th at 9 pm. This optional, if you would prefer to just stick with the pool of open tables, you are free to do so.

To be clear, Tag tables have no impact on the dedicated sponsor level tables, and do not change the number of designer badges (still capped at 40).