1. Save the Game Kastle parking for players.

Parking is limited in the Game Kastle parking lot.  Please leave that parking for the players coming to play your games.  There is street parking available in the area and a large shopping complex with lots of parking across the street (where McDonalds and Costco are).  My suggestion is to park over by McDonalds in the morning and buy yourself one of their coffees to start your day.

2. Give your game “Curb Appeal"

You will be competing with a lot of other games for player time and attention.  Which would you rather play, a game handwritten on index cards or a game with fun clip art and clear typed text? Take some time to type and print out up to date components for your game.  If you are using old beat up card sleeves, consider replacing them. Re-glue, paint, reprint, and touch up your game so it looks nice. Make a sign for your game that tells players the most important numbers for your game: # of Players, Play Time and Complexity. If you pledged for a prototype preview, you can use that as your game sign. 

Perhaps my favorite game sign from Unpub 5.  The players and pay time text under the title was a bit small.  All the rules to play the game are on the sign!

Perhaps my favorite game sign from Unpub 5.  The players and pay time text under the title was a bit small.  All the rules to play the game are on the sign!

3. Play other designer’s games if you want people to play yours. 

It is good manners in the world of Protospiel to play other designer’s games.  You are asking for other people’s valuable time, it is only fair that you give of your time as well.  Whenever I go to a Protospiel event I make it a point to play at least two other designer’s games before I bring one of my own to the table.  


4. Record Feedback for later use.

Most designers assume they will remember the feedback they are given.  You won’t. It is not humanly possible given how many conversations you will have over the weekend.  I suggest you record audio feedback using a voice recorder on your smart phone, and/or use the Unpub Feedback form, and/or use the Unpub App. Recorded audio feedback provides emotional context, tone of voice and inflection.  Written feedback will get you more honest objective answers than verbal feedback.


You can find the Unpub Feedback form here:


PDF - http://unpub.net/wp-content/themes/Nexus/images/feedback_form.pdf


You can download the Unpub  App here:


The Unpub App will allow players to post feedback directly into the Unpub database entry for your game.  You must enter your game in the database first.  The feedback is private and viewable only by you.



5. If your game is secret, please take steps to protect that secrecy.

The volunteer staff can’t police players.  Anybody is allowed to walk in off the street and play games.  They may have never been to an event like this or know how things work.  If your game is secret because of a license or other concern, please tell players before and after every game not to talk about your game online. Place a label on your game board or play area that says “Secret Game, Please do not Photograph.” Last year we only had a few secret games out of almost 100 titles at the event.  I’ll have three secrecy signs at the registration table you can check out and use if needed.