Ted Alspach

We are honored to have Ted and Toni Alspach of Bezier games backing the event as our Major Sponsor. I would show you a picture, but since they live in a secret fortress we will have to make do with a cartoon from Ted's Board 2 Pieces comic series.

Ted will be signing copies of his games as part of the event. Bring your favorite Bezier game or pick one up at Game Kastle. 

For a list of games designed by Ted, click see his BGG profile here: http://boardgamegeek.com/boardgamedesigner/6046/ted-alspach

Find out more about Bezier games at http://beziergames.com


Grant Rodiek 


In 2015 you can look forward to Grant's new game Hocus Poker with Co-designer Joshua Buergel.  Then in 2016 Grant has as war game coming from Portal games. Until then, feel free bring your copy of Farmageddon for Grant to sign or pick up a copy at Game Kastle.

He is the curator of the always useful Hyperbole game design blog. It is well worth your valuable time to check it out: http://hyperbolegames.com/blog/

You may have heard Grant's infectious energy and enthusiasm on several different board game podcasts or come across his prolific twitter feed.


Grant will be sharing his insights by hosting one of the panels at the event.


David Sirlin 

David Sirlin is a maverick of indie board game publishing. He acts as game developer, graphic designer, and publisher of Sirlin Games (www.sirlingames.com) and has been working full time on board games since 2009. Before that he was lead designer of Street Fighter HD Remix, Puzzle Fighter HD Remix, and author of the book Playing to Win. He's won notoriety in the game industry for his methods of achieving game balance in major video game franchises as well as his own tabletop games. Sirlin games seeks to create tiles with top notch graphic design that hold up to thousands of plays by expert gamers. Sirlin specializes in competitive multiplayer games with asymmetric player powers. He also somehow managed to ship three out of three Kickstarter projects on-time—not the usual way Kickstarters are done!

David will be joining us for some of the panel discussions.