Hotel - There are multiple nearby hotels. Hyatt Centric and Courtyard by Marriott are within walking distance. Other hotels include America's Best Value Inn, Crown Plaza Palo Alto, Mountain View Inn, and The Hotel Aria.

Designer Tag Table Assignments (Map, Partner List) - A map and list of designer tag table team assignments. Each team consists of two designers, sharing a table and switching off use of it.

Event Schedule - Details on event hours and additional optional activities. 

Designer FAQDetails on Designer Tag Table badges, designer expectations, and additional info.

Game Registration - Register the games you plan on bringing to share with attendees (optional but encouraged).


Secret Game Printout - If your game is secret, put out signage such as this and inform players not to share about it. You are responsible for informing players that your game is secret. Protospiel SJ staff will not police secrecy for you.

Feedback Form Printout - We recommend using the player feedback form from UNPUB to gather written feedback. Please note that Unpub is not affiliated with Protospiel. 

Table Sign Printout (Power Point, Keynote- A sample table sign printout you can use, or please feel free to create your own. A table sign for each of your games is recommended to attract potential players. Include basic information such as the game's name, a hint of basic gameplay, player count, play time, and complexity level. It is recommended you buy a plastic sign holder(s) to bring to more easily display your signs on your table. You are free to bring any signage that can sit free standing on your tag table. Larger signage requires a sponsor level badge.

Event Flyer Printout - Spread the word!

Event Business Card Printout - Spread the word!