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3. Industry Guest: Sarah of Panda GM

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If you get a VIP player badge, when you pick up your badge on site you can choose from a variety of games as your VIP player bonus. Note that the quantities we have for each game is limited and first come first serve.

The games are provided to Protospiel as a thank you to VIP players for helping pitch in to cover the costs of the event. Consider getting a VIP player badge for yourself or a friend.

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Please add your games to the prototype database. Doing so will give players a chance to look for games they want to play ahead of time. After the event when somebody is trying to remember the name of the game they played to contact you, they can find your game on the prototype list.

Having your game in the system also allows players to rate that game and leave feedback after playing it.

To list your games, use this link to get to the prototype page. Scroll to the bottom and look for "List Your Prototype".

Industry Guest: Sarah Graybill

Sarah Headshot.jpg

Sarah Graybill

Panda Game Manufacturing

Panda Game Manufacturing is a tabletop game manufacturer with a focus on industry-leading component quality and service. Panda produces thousands of tabletop game titles for clients around the world. From award winning publishers to independent game designers and from simple card games to elaborate miniature-based board games, Panda turns concepts into reality. Making high quality games is our passion!

Sarah Graybill is a Project Manager focused on guiding small and first-time publishers through the board game manufacturing process from start to finish. She prides herself on providing component and production guidance to maximize quality and enhance gameplay while managing costs.

Learn more about Panda and get a quote for your game at

Thanks to B&B Games


Floyd Lu

B&B Games

B&B games studio was founded in 2016 with a simple task in mind, to publish books and boardgames. Though the company is registered in Nevada, the heart remains in the bay area, where Floyd designs and develops games. B&B is known for publishing easy to play, cinematic style games, with a focus on miniature quality.

A big thank you to B&B for sponsoring #ProtospielSJ