Just some quick reminders of impending deadlines.

Late refunds and wait list.

The last day a to get an easy refund through the badge system (Tabletop.Events) is September 29th.

We set a refund deadlined for designer badges because we need to lock the budget to order raffle prizes and snacks. However, as long as we have a waitlist for designer badges, I can offer some manually issued late refunds. If you have a designer badge, and can’t make it to the event, email us at and we can refund and replace your spot with a designer from the wait list. Please let us know no later then October 7th.

Hotel block reservations end Sept 26

Last day to make a reservation at the group rate is Th the 26th.

For details on the hotel block, see this post:

Print & Play free shipping offer ends Sept 27th

Use coupon code “ConventionDelivery”, and mention "San Jose Protospiel" in the order notes.

Thanks to Game-O-Gami


David Sanhueza is a veteran of the video games industry, having worked on AAA and indie titles in a variety of roles - animator, art director, game designer, and game director - since the late 90’s. David's love for art and games extends to tabletop as well, where he spends his time making games with character, as the owner of the development and publishing studio Game-O-Gami. He is the creative mind (and hands) behind Goblins Drool Fairies Rule, Immortal Battlegrounds, Goblins & Gloams, Royal Dump, Blood of Rome, and the MMO board game Megopoly. He resides in Las Vegas, where he organizes the local game design meetup.

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