Panel - Crash Course in Game Manufacturing 101

Saturday, October 12 at 3:30 PM

Learn (almost) everything you need to know if you are looking to manufacture your first board game project. We’ll discuss the general production process, how to design games with manufacturing in mind, component options, and expert tips. Presented by Panda Game Manufacturing.

Where to Park

Good gamers play nice with others. In that spirit we are asking all attendees of Protospiel San Jose to park behind Game Kastle or off to the right side (green checks in photo below). Please DO NOT park in front of the store (red x below). Leave that parking for the people who need access to Trader Joes. If you park in back, there is a sidewalk that takes you right up to the Game Kastle entrance. Thank you!


Big thanks to Pull the Pin Games


Overworld Games, who has been making games like Good Cop Bad Cop, Barker’s Row, Leaders of Euphoria, and New Salem since 2014, is re-branding itself as Pull the Pin Games. The new branding signals the beginning of a focus on quick, large group, small box, social games that are very easy to learn for new players, but are packed with strategic choices for veterans -- all at a very affordable price.

Brian Henk, President of Pull the Pin Games will be joining us for Protospiel San Jose. Brian is the co-designer of games like Good Cop Bad Cop, Exposed, New Salem, and Leaders of Euphoria. He is also one of the co-hosts on the Board Game Business Podcast where he discusses the business side of the tabletop game industry.

Read the full press release about Pull the Pin Games here.

Check out Brian’s latest blog post “Top 5 Tips for Re-Launching a Failed Kickstarter Campaign

Find the most recent episode of the podcast “Top 5 Time Savers for Game Designers” here.

Thanks to Pull the Pin Games for sponsoring #ProtospielSJ