1. Where to Park
2. Quick Updates
3. Sponsor: Card Lords

Where to Park

Good gamers play nice with others. In that spirit we are asking all attendees of Protospiel San Jose to park behind Game Kastle or off to the right side (green checks in photo below). Please DO NOT park in front of the store (red x below). Leave that parking for the people who need access to Trader Joes. If you park in back, there is a sidewalk that takes you right up to the Game Kastle entrance. Thank you!

Quick Updates

Documentary Filming On Site
There will be a documentary on board games and board game designers filming on site. If your game is secret, please remember to provide signage on your table that it should not be photographed.

Correction: Designer dinner is Friday the 7th.
The day of the week and time in the previous updates is correct. An attentive designer pointed out the date listed was a typo. The Designer Dinner is this Friday night.

Industry Guest: Steve Jones of Blue Panther
Blue Panther LLC is a publisher and manufacturer of board and card games, game accessories such as dice towers and dice trays, and custom components in a variety of materials, including dice.

Thanks to our final sponsor: Card Lords

CardLords is a game design and publishing company with an emphasis on player interaction and high quality artwork.  The owner, Tucker, started CardLords by publishing token cards used in the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game.  BattleGoats was his first design and the first full game published by CardLords, which funded in under 24 hours on Kickstarter in 2016.  They have two new games coming out (Take the Gold this month and The Pirate's Flag in early 2018), as well as an expansion for BattleGoats that will launch at GenCon 50 later this year.  Tucker and the CardLords team will be at Protospiel San Jose testing their upcoming games and looking for new 10-15 minute family oriented games to publish.

Thank you to Card Lords for making Protospiel San Jose free for players.