#ProtospielSJ is now just five weeks away.

In this update:

  1. I need your help to spread the word.

  2. VIP Player Badges

  3. Thank you to Breaking Games.

I need your help.

Please help spread the word about #ProtospielSJ. The more players we can get, the better for everyone involved. Attached is a printable flyer. Please take one to your local game night, or post one up at work, or forward this email to a friend. 

This is our fourth year. Every year tons of people contact me after the event sorry they missed it because they didn't hear about it in time. The world of board games is very insulated into small groups. Please help me reach your group so nobody misses out. Thank you!



VIP Player Badge Limit Increased

VIP Player badges were sold out. We picked up two more sponsors who are providing small games specifically for the VIP Player badge to increase the supply. Thanks to Grant Rodiek of Hyperbole Games for helping sponsor the VIP Player badge with copies of Hocus. Each VIP player gets one micro or small game. We will have 3-5 different games to choose from this year. If you want a VIP player badge, there are now a few more available.


Thank you to Breaking Games for sponsoring Protospiel

Peter Vaughan of Breaking Games is attending Protospiel San Jose as an industry guest and a sponsor. Look for him at the Breaking Games table.

Peter Vaughan has been messing with game rules ever since family game nights included moveable bombs in Stratego and one allowable lie in Clue. He is the designer of What the Food?!, and developer of SJ protospiel tested Letter Tycoon and Boomtown Bandits. He is Director of Development for Breaking Games, as well as founder of Squirmy Beast Games and editor of the League of Gamemakers blog.

Breaking Games, founded by Shari Spiro, is a publisher of strategy, family and party games that believes in putting designers first, and is at the core about getting indie games made and played! Breaking Games is associated with Print & Play Productions, both part of parent company AdMagic