#ProtospielSJ is now just 16 days away.

1. How the raffle works

2. Tag Table Requests

3. Industry Guests: Floyd Lu, Roger Hicks


How the Raffle Works

Please fill out a raffle slip at the welcome table as you come in. 

We drop the slips in a bucket and choose winners every hour throughout the weekend. If you win, we tape your slip to the edge of the raffle table. Simply, grab your slip and bring it to the welcome table to redeem it for a prize. Your slip then goes back in the bucket and you can win the next day. 

You only need to fill out one raffle slip, and please don't throw it away. At the end of the weekend we need to count all the raffle slips to figure out what our total attendance was. 

Tag Table Requests

Please understand that we can not coordinate tag table schedules for 70+ designers. Its up to each individual to work out a schedule to share your table with your tag table partner. We suggest alternating the table between designers every three hours. However, you are free to share the table any way you wish.

Tag table assignments will post next week. If you would like to request to share your table with a particular designer, that can be arranged. 
To request to be paired with a particular designer, please do the following:

I. Send an email to
II. Use the subject: Tag Table Partners
III. CC the designer you wish to share with.
IV. Include both of your names in the body of the email.

For Example.

Subject: Tag Table Partners


Request from myself and KellenSnook, please put us at the same table. Thanks! Ting Chow


Industry Guest: Floyd Lu from B&B Games

B&B Games Studio is a publisher built by gamers, and is in spirit a guild of gamers. When selecting games to publish B&B looks for more than just a great game, they look for unique mechanics, versatility, and a game that is not like any other games on the market. B&B also considers a great game if the designer has a unique speciality and is interested in helping grow the company. B&B understands that your games, are B&B’s future, and they want people who care about the direction of the company and not just numbers. Floyd will be at Protospeil looking for great games to play.



Industry Guest: Roger Hicks

Roger Hicks is the publisher of Today in Board Games - a thrice weekly newsletter with links to all the latest important information in board games. Roger also runs which provides a variety of tools for gamers and those in the gaming industry such as a searchable, filterable database of Kickstarter projects. He lives in Colorado with his wife and ten kids.

Roger is one of the nicest guys I know in the board game world and I'm honored he is joining us at the event this year.