Top 9 sources of images and artwork for game prototypes.

Do you need some place holder artwork to make your game prototype look more attractive to play testers? I have personally found the following nine websites to be most useful when dressing up my own prototypes. 




Easily searchable. Great for both artwork and icons. Use an icon for free with attribution, pay $1 per icon to use without attribution. Or pay $10 a month for unlimited use of all icons.



2133 game focused icons. Vector and PNG available under Creative Commons.


3. National Gallery of Art

The US government owns a lot of art. Most of it has been scanned or photographed and is available free to use via the search system linked here.


4. The British Library

Over a million copyright free images taken from books prior to 1900 on Flickr.


5. New York Public Library

180,000 images in the public domain.


6. The Metropolitan Museum of Art - Scans and photos of the Met’s collection.

427,591 works available via a searchable database.


8. Old Book Illustrations

What it sounds like. A search engine for old book illustrations. Lots of cute stuff.


9. Pixabay

All 650,000 images, vectors and videos on Pixabay are released under Creative Commons.