We wanted to introduce one of the industry guests attending Protospiel San Jose 2016, Zachary Strebeck. Also, thanks to Scry Games for sponsoring the event.

Zachary Strebeck is a California lawyer who represents small and medium-sized video game, board game and mobile app companies. He assists game dev clients with corporate formation, fundraising, intellectual property registration and enforcement, and contract drafting. He also serves as of counsel to The McArthur Law Firm, a boutique video game law firm.

Zachary runs The Game Lawyer Blog and the weekly Legal Moves podcast. He has been featured on Gamasutra, TechRaptor, the Kickstarter Lessons blog, The Dice Tower podcast and consulted on NY Times reporter Mary Pilon’s book on the legal history of Monopoly.

A gamer and full-time digital nomad, Zachary also enjoys a good game of Bohnanza or a long campaign of Risk: Legacy.


Event Sponsor Scry Games
Scry Games is a fantasy game publisher led by Alex Westreich, a packaging engineer with a background in print production. After a little over a year in development, their game Black Sands is nearing completion. Protospiel SJ will be the last formal event they will be testing at before the game goes to production. Scry will be running two copies to get as much vital feedback as possible. Players can look forward to 30-40 minute rounds of high skill, low luck fantasy combat. For more information, please visit their website: www.ScryGames.com

As of today we have 67 designers and over 100 players registered. 

Please help spread the word for the event by inviting your friends and fellow gamers. More players on hand is better for everyone involved to start more games more often.

The official hashtag for the event is #ProtospielSJ