Registration for Protospiel 2016 is now live!

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As a reminder, there are two categories of games that are NOT allowed.

1. Finished/Production games should not take up table space.

Please don’t bring a finished game that is on sale/Kickstarter because you wish to promote it.  Bring flyers, sell sheets or a sample instead.  Finished games are not allowed to consume table space and play testers at the event.  
If you have an expansion you wish to test for your published game, that is acceptable.  If you are still making changes/tweaks to your near finished game, that is also acceptable.  The event is focused on play testing unpublished games.
2. Cards Against Humanity style games are NOT allowed.

I have lots of families attending the event.  Many of the publishers and designers attending are focused on making games for children and families.  Volunteers are bringing their kids.  We need to maintain a family friendly environment. 
If your game uses curse words, scatological humor, sexual terminology and/or nudity, it is not a good fit for this event.