Good News Everyone!

Good News Everyone!

Good News Everyone!


My dilemma this year was deciding if I should hold Protospiel San Jose at Game Kastle again, or try and get a larger location. Game Kastle has been a fantastic supporter of Protospiel San Jose and I have nothing but love for them. However, in both of the previous years I had to turn away numerous designers for lack of table space.  

The good news is that Game Kastle is opening a third, much larger location in Mountain View in February. The new location will have 100+ tables. For comparison, Game Kastle Santa Clara has only 50 tables. 

Protospiel San Jose 2016 will be held at:

Game Kastle Mountain View
550 Showers Dr.
Mountain View, CA 94040

What I want to hear from you is what date(s) would work best for you.  

The three possible dates are:

April 15th-17th
April 22nd-24th
April 29th-31st

My logic for those dates is avoiding getting too close to Kubla Con (in May) and to avoid other Con related conflicts.


Projected Timeline: 

1. January: Gather feedback on the best possible date in late April. 

2. February 1st: Announce date for Protospiel San Jose. Game Kastle Mountain View opens. Jeremy visits new location to plan out table layout and builds a store map.

3. February: Registration goes live for Designers and Sponsors. Promotion campaign begins in ernest.

4. Late April: Protospiel San Jose.

Let me know what date works best for you in the comments below or via email to BoardGameBuilders at gmail dot com. Check back on February 1st for the final event date.