Take a look at this extremely well put together Kickstarter for World’s Fair from Foxtrot Games.

I am a fan of Randy and Foxtrot games.  Foxtrot just launched a Kickstarter for World’s Fair and it is already funded.  It is Randy’s third game launched on Kickstarter. I’m sharing this because I think Foxtrot is a fantastic example of the right way to compete on Kickstarter as it stands today.

Key details that stand out for me:

1. Video is 90 seconds, animated, and very clear with a just a sample of gameplay. Video plays well without sound. (Videos now auto play on Kickstarter with no sound).

2. Kickstarter price is $10 below MSRP.

3. Kickstarter pledge level includes shipping to USA.

4. Launched with 6+ independent reviews of the game.

5. Short profiles of you are backing is included on the Kickstater page with photos. I often back for the people, even if I’m not that interested in the product.

6. FoxTrot hired an artist AND a graphic designer separately. Both are profiled on the Kickstarter page. 

7. Print and Play on Kickstarter has full graphic design, but not full artwork.

8. Review copies had full artwork and graphic design.  Artwork files were provided to reviewers for use in their reviews.

9. ZERO stretch goals.  There is a section on the Kickstarter page addressing this.

10. Large, clear, “Whats in the Box” graphic near the head of the Kickstarter page (with full artwork and graphic design).