UPDATE: Clarification, this event is open to designers who want to test their games, but not players.  The player seats are reserved for the librarians attending the conference. 

Unpub Mini this Friday in SF


Friday, June 26 from 7:30 to 10:30 PM.



Marriott Marquis San Francisco - Yerba Buena Salon 07

780 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94103


If you would like to attend as a designer, please contact: 

Brian Mayer - bmayer at gvboces dot org


Brian tells me he has about 10 spots left for local designers. Please contact him if you want to request a designer spot.


Brian has two goals for the event.  Here they are in his own words:


1) Showcase what an Unpub looks like to librarians.

There will be librarians from across the country there, exploring games and looking for ideas to take back to their libraries. So part of the goal is introduce what an unpub event looks and feels like with the hopes that they go back to their communities, connect and support their local game designers. Libraries are doing a lot with Maker Spaces, 3D printing etc which would be a wonderful compliment to game designers. Not to mention the research resources.


2) To give local designers another venue to share their game projects and get play testing feedback.

There will be a lot of people at the event. One note, the event is 2.5 hours long and attendees will want to explore a number of things, so I would encourage perhaps something that wouldn't consume their whole time.They will be able to sit and play in the Unpub section of ALAPlay. 


Dubious Alliance: Liar of the Lich King Kickstarter ending soon.

The expansion for Dubious Alliance, Liar of the Lich King is on Kickstarter now and ends very soon. The project is funded and is offering some fun stuff like creating a vanity card of yourself. Backer levels start at just $12. 

Brandon Raasch (the designer) was a big supporter of Protospiel San Jose driving players to the event and sponsoring a meal.  Here is your chance to give Brandon a thank you and support local designers. If social bluffing games are not your thing, consider backing the project for $1 to up the backer count.