Attendance Numbers

The 2015 event felt smaller to some people even though we had more participants than last year.  I think that is due to moving most of the action into the larger less crowded room in Game Kastle.

Since I don’t require people to register it is hard to get exact attendance numbers. 

Based on the number of unique raffle tickets filled out we had:

260+ Unique participants

36 Designers

24 VIP Players

6 Sponsors

1 Major Sponsor

30% increase in participation from 2014


I’m quite happy with those numbers.  


Final Budget and Financial Transparency

All the bills are paid. Here are the final budget numbers.

Other than the space rental from Game Kastle, the largest single expense was Togos sandwiches on Saturday.  More than one person shared positive feedback about having Togos.  Was it worth the expense?