Game Design Contest teams hard at work on Sunday.

Game Design Contest teams hard at work on Sunday.


I've received several requests from players and designers asking:

"How can I contact the guy that had the [name] game? I want to be on his mailing list."

"How can I contact so and so? I though of more feedback for his game."

"How can I contact the designer of [game] so I could be a remote tester for that game?"

I'm going to ask all the designers to drop a comment below or email me with the following information so that I can make a public directory on and as a Kickstarter update. This is optional, and opt in, you are not obligated to participate.

Information needed: 

  • Designer Name
  • Games tested at Protospiel SJ 2015
  • Preferred Contact Method

I will use myself as an example below.


Jeremy Commandeur

Games tested at Protospiel San Jose 2015: 

  • Booze Barons 
  • Bandit Brag 
  • Globetrotters 
  • Insider Trading 
  • Secret Society

Contact via: OR boardgamebuilders at gmail dot com 

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