I received an email with an alternate suggestion on how to work the raffle.  I found the logic sound and intend to use the method suggested instead.


"Quick piece of feedback for the raffle.

Since, as you mentioned, some people will be playing large 3 hour euros and others 30 minute casual games. Would it be more fare to just put each person's name in the bucket when they arrive and then when you do the drawing you draw x names and then they get a prize but need to be present to win. Then you put them back into the bucket.

That way the longer you stay and participate the more raffles you are in, instead of who can marathon the most games?

Just a thought to make it even for everyone and encourage people to play what ever they want and not feel like they need to optimize their play time for the most drawings.

It's also easier for you and the staff because you don't have to worry about people forgetting to put their name in or cheating and putting in to many or more importantly managing every game's players as each game ends.

It's a simple drawing and you need to be present to win and after each drawing the pot resets and everyone is back in the drawing."


This seems fair, better for the deep euro games and easier to implement.  This is now how we will implement the raffle.  

When you register at the registration or pick up your badge, we will drop a slip with your name on it in the raffle bucket.  Throughout the day we will pull winners out and tape them to the side of the bucket.  Stop by and point out your ticket to claim a raffle prize of your choosing from those available.