If you have looked over the Q and A you know that Unpub Protospiel is on a tight budget.  The game designers pay $40 each for a badge, $20 goes to Game Kastle to rent their space and $20 is left to cover everything else.  For example, $200 went to pay shipping for raffle prizes, $50 for badge materials, and $150 for the game design contest kits ($100 was covered by Franklin Kenter).

That leaves a budget of about $100 a day for snacks/food.  Our deal with Game Kastle is that all snacks will be purchased through them (that is only fair) but game companies are allowed to sponsor outside food.

Seth Jaffee of Tasty Minstrel Games has agreed to provide Lunch on Saturday.  We will be having Tasty Minstrel Sandwiches by raiding a nearby Castle (Costco across the street).  

Enjoy such wonderful items as:

Lambas bread.

Smoked Minstrel Meat.

The finest goat cheddar in all the land.

A small selection of greenery. Because even Dragons need to stay regular.


A deeply grateful thank you to Tasty Minstrel Games for their support.  Please Thank Seth when you see him at the event.  Just don't shake his hand if you still have mustard on yours.