On Saturday, we have will have a Game Design contest.

The contest is open to both designers and players. Participants will be asked to form teams of three (limit 10 teams).  Teams are then given a mystery box with various blanks and board game components.  Teams have exactly one hour to design and prototype a game.  

Each team will then have no more than 3 minutes to present their game to a panel of judges.  

The judges will then vote and one game will be crowned the winner.  The winning team gets a certificate, fame, glory and all the potato chips they can eat.  All participating teams get to keep the design kit filled with goodies.

I got to participate in a contest like this one at Protospiel Houston and had a blast!  

I need to issue two thank yous.

1. Print and Play Productions for putting together the design kits of goodies for us.

2. Franklin Kenter for donating $100 to subsidize the cost of the design kits. Thanks to Franklin's donation we are able to add a bunch of goodies to the kits provided to further build on the fun.

Each kit will have $15-20 of game design parts, meoples, blank chits, dice, tokens and some surprises.