I promised full financial transparency for the event.  I just paid the last bill, so I now I have a full accounting of every dollar (see below). After all is said and done, I wound up paying about $62 out of pocket to make Unpub Protospiel happen.

I want to thank Game Kastle for hosting the event and giving us a good deal on renting the required amount of space/tables/chairs.  I appreciate Game Kastle's support.

A big thank you to Seth of Tasty Minstrel Games and Ted of Bezier games for sponsoring food. They made the sandwiches and pizza on Saturday and Sunday viable.

Thanks also to Franklin Kenter for contributing $100 to subsidize the Game Design Contest.  You can drop him a line via his website here: 

I need to express my gratitude to Pizza My Heart for providing pizza on Saturday.  Those pizzas showed up at just the right time.

Finally, thanks to Aldo Ghiozzi and Impressions Distribution for providing the raffle prizes.

Budget Lessons Learned:

I wound up spending too much on the game design contest kits.  They wound up costing about $20 per kit.  Next time I plan to keep the cost down to no more than $15 per kit.

After observing what/how the food was consumed I'm confident I can be more efficient in what is provided next time.  We wound up with extra bread and meat, but ran out of jelly and cheese. With Pizza My Heart AND Costco pizza Saturday night we wound up with two leftover pizzas (out of 16).  I'll get the Peanut Butter and Jelly going day one, provide water, and get more veggie platters.

I think I should charge $50 or $55 per designer badge so that we are not dependent on sponsors to provide food.

Costs and budget for Unpub Protospiel San Jose 2014   

Costs and budget for Unpub Protospiel San Jose 2014