Kevin G. Nunn

Kevin G. Nunn

Kevin G. Nunn has spent most of his life slowly migrating westward along I-10.  This trend began at the age of two, when his parents settled in New Orleans, LA, continued at the age of six, when his parents resettled in Lafayette, LA, and carried on to the age of 30, when he and his bride Debra resettled in Houston, TX.

Exposure to board games began at as a toddler, when his mother began teaching him the principles of chess.  Sadly, exposure to European-style games didn’t happen until much later.  He’s been trying to make up for lost time ever since.

Kevin’s interest in game design appeared in the winter of 1980 with the design of his first roleplaying game.  Several more roleplaying games and board games would follow.

Kevin’s published design credits to date include Rolling Freight, duck! duck! Go!, Schlock Mercenary: Capitol Offensive, Nobody But Us Chickens, and Velo City.  Kevin was also a contributing author to the anthology book Family Games: the 100 Best.


Kevin’s latest game is Sentinel Tactics: The Flame of Freeedom, which is running on KickStarter ( right now!


Kevin will be a panelist for the industry Q and A event.  We also hope schedule an encore of his presentation from Protospiel Houston "The 10 Best Game Mechanisms You Aren't Using."