Sam Waller of SlugFest Games

Sam Waller of SlugFest Games

Sam hails from SlugFest games ( You may have encountered a little game they make called the Red Dragon Inn.  Perhaps you played it sober, perhaps not.  Perhaps you don't even remember playing the game and now your wallet is empty  . . .

Sam has been working in the industry in an official capacity since 2010.  He has published 6 boardgames and 1 Pathfinder-Compatible supplement. He has run three Kickstarter campaigns, and has personally experienced barely funding, over funding, and having to cancel a project. Sam has graciously agreed to share his Kickstarter knowledge in the Industry Q and A panel. 

Sam can share valuable nuggets of knowledge about game design best practices, printing and self publishing, and working through fulfillment.  Perhaps you should offer to buy him food and/or beverages to further pick his brain. Just be forewarned that his fortitude is very high.

SlugFest is donating prizes to the raffle.  We thank them for their support!