Today we went up on!  We are now an official Unpub event!

See the listing here:

I would like to encourage all designers to make an Unpub account and post a description of one or more of your prototype games.  This gets you three key benefits.  First, you will stay in touch with Unpub and future Unpub events.  I missed Unpub Sacramento because I didn't find out about it in time. Second, it is a very helpful exercise to fill out a description of your design.  Unpub asks you a half dozen questions about your design.  The same questions a publisher or kickstarter backer would ask you.   If you can't answer those questions, that is the first thing you should work on.  The final benefit is that you can choose to have your prototype game be listed in Unpub's public database (you can also keep it private).  This can be useful if you are trying to find a publisher for your game.