Registration for the event is live.  Click over to the Registration page to sign up.

If you wish to bring prototype games to the event, you MUST register for a game designer badge.

Players are not required to pre-register, but doing so will really help us out.  It will allow us to have a spiffy badge waiting for you and get you an extra entry in the raffle.  

Players gain one entry in the raffle for each different prototype game they get.  We are going to have a large selection of really awesome raffle prizes with many winners.  Designers can earn raffle entries for playing other designer's prototype games (but not their own).


Where does the $40 for a designer badge go?

As the organizer of the event, I keep nothing.  All website costs, Paypal fees and such I'm paying out of pocket.  All of your entry fee goes directly to support the event.

$20 goes to Game Kastle to pay for the space for the event.

$20 goes to support the event and provide incentive for players to attend and play your prototype games. Primarily to buy food and snacks at the event. We will have a bunch of snacks purchased from Game Kastle.  We also have some pizza/sandwich deliveries planned. A portion will also be used to pay for raffle prizes.  We have some sponsors who are willing to donate raffle prizes as long as we pay the shipping costs.  We are also looking into having a shuttle between Game Kastle and a nearby hotel if we have enough people to justify it.

A full record of every single dollar spent will be posted publicly here on this site. Full financial transparency.