Event Organizer: Jeremy Commandeur


Phone:  (408) 345-5445

The event organizer for Protospiel San Jose 2018 is Jeremy Commandeur. Jeremy is an accomplished game designer and loves bringing the gamer community together. Please use the contact information above if you have any questions, feedback, or would like more information on volunteer/sponsorship opportunities.

Jeremy can also be reached via his Twitter.

Volunteer Staff

Protospiel Volunteer Listings for 2019 

We could sure use your help to make Protospiel San Jose all it can be. To be clear, our budget is super limited, these are unpaid volunteer positions. If you are willing to help out, email Jeremy using the contact info above.

Hotel Manager -  Rebecca Zhuo

Responsible for contacting hotels near the venue (list provided) to inquire about getting a discounted hotel room block for the event. In 2017 we used 40 room nights across several hotels. In 2018 we booked around ?20? room nights through our official hotel.

Game Design Contest - 

Responsible for planning day/time of game improv contest. Responsible for buying/assembling game design kits (budget provided). Recruits judges, runs game design contest, and takes photos of contest, winning team and runner up team.

Check In Coordinator - 

Responsible for scheduling volunteers to cover the check in/welcome table during event hours (10-10 daily). Responsible for briefing training volunteers on how to give out name tags and raffle slips.

Snack Manager - Amanda Sabolish

Purchase and manage the daily snack supply (budget provided). Make sure snacks don’t get too messy or out of hand.
We are also going to try and do some PB&J and basic sandwiches.

Marketing Manager - 

Protospiel is a free community event. Can we get on the radio? Can we get listed in city recreation listings? Help to spread the word and bring in players.

Social Diner Coordinator - Shane Carr

Set up off site social diner for game designers. This job requires booking space at a restaurant, providing directions to the venue and coordinating ride sharing. 

Raffle Manager -

Help solicit game company’s and distributors for donations (we pay for shipping, but ask for free games). Unbox, set up, and refill raffle prizes.  Pull tickets for hourly raffle draws. Raffle prizes will be provided by our sponsors.

Graphic Designer - John Shulters

Do you understand fonts, layout and colors? We could use your help creating flyers, postcards and signage. 

Contact Coordinator - 

Responsible for asking designers if they want to opt into a contact sharing list. Collects and shares contact information for designers.

Welcome Table Staff - 

We need people every day to man the welcome/check in table. To give out name tags and raffle slips. If you are willing to pitch in for 2 hours or more, you are needed.


Pull the Pin Games

Pull the Pin Games

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B&B Games



Dead Alive Games

Dead Alive Games

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Jinxbot 3D Printing

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