Player Badge $1

Pre-Registration for players is $1.  Admission at the door will be free if $1 is too much to pay :-) PLEASE pre-register, it will really help us out.  In exchange for pre-registering you will have a name badge waiting for you at the event and get an extra entry into the raffle for prizes.  


As of 5-6-2014 Designer badges are sold out put player badges are still available.


If you have questions, please see the Q and A page or email me.

Select Badge Type

If you don't need an atendee badge but want to support the event you can make a donation with the button below.  Thank you!

Game Designer Badge $40 - SOLD OUT

A game designer badge entitles you to bring any number of prototype games Friday, Saturday and Sunday to be play tested.  A game designer badge is required to bring prototype games to the event.

If you would like a nickname to appear on your badge, please include it in the "special instructions" box on Paypal.

Note that there are two specific types of games that are NOT allowed:

1. Finished games in production or on Kickstarter now.  This event is for play testing unpublished and prototype games, not for promoting released games.  Play testing of expansions for released games is acceptable.

2. Cards Against Humanity style games.  The event is family friendly with children, kids games and educational game publishers invited. Games that involve reading out or acting out sexual terms or curse words are not allowed.  Zombie/Horror games are fine.  If your game's horror artwork is graphic, we can place your game at a table in the back away from kids.