2019 Registration Coming in June

In 2018 we had 80+ designers and 700+ unique players. We'd love to see you here!

Badge registration is live here:


 A description of each badge follows. Any badge is valid for all three days of the event:

STAFF VOLUNTEER (FREE): Protospiel San Jose is a not for profit event powered by the dedicated and friendly volunteers that run it. Volunteers are required to work at least a two hour shift some time during the three days, though many volunteers are especially awesome and give more of their time. Work will involve running the registration/welcome table, and perhaps some other light work depending on your comfort level. After registering, we will contact you to find what time(s) you can be scheduled to work. Includes a nifty Staff badge and choice of free micro/small game (pick up on-site).

INDUSTRY GUEST (FREE): For publishers, press, or professionals in the board game space. Includes Industry Guest badge, and introduction on website and in email newsletter if desired. You will be contacted for credentials and bio. (Does not include table space).

PLAYER (FREE): Player badges are FREE online or on-site, and the badge type that most attendees will get. Please register for a Player badge if you intend to come as that helps us plan seating, snacks, and raffle prizes. Registered Players also get a nice printed badge and lanyard.

VIP PLAYER ($10): Show your support by buying a VIP Player badge. VIP Players will get a VIP badge and lanyard, automatic raffle entry, and choice of free micro/small game (pick up on-site).

DESIGNER TAG TABLE ($60): To test your games at the event you must register online and purchase a Designer Tag Table badge. Bring your games to be tested on a dedicated table shared between you and one other designer (who must purchase their own badge as well). Designers are expected to play test games from other other designers while there as well. After registering, you will be contacted to find out if you want to partner with a specific available designer. For more info, see Designer FAQ.

SPONSOR (varies): Click for more information on sponsorship opportunities and registration.