2018 GAMES LIST is LIve


We ask all designers to register the games they plan to bring at the link above. If you want a preview of what you might see at the event, check it out. Keep in mind that designers are not committed to bringing the games they register or the games may not be available to play. However, the reverse is also true, and there are often many more games that show up last minute from designers.

There is always a wide variety of games in pretty much any genre or style. To find a game to play, just walk around to see what is open. Tables will be marked if they are looking for players, and also feel free to ask to watch a game already in progress if you prefer. Most tables will have a sign describing the basics of the game such as theme, player count, and play time.



This is a family friendly prototype board game event. The focus is on play testing physical games in development and having a good time by all. As such, certain games are not a good fit for this event including: video games, board games that are complete or being already being sold, and games that use curse words, scatological humor, sexual terminology, and/or nudity. Games that are not as kid friendly, such as a gory zombie game, we may try to move away from the front areas.